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Memior Here I am, sixteen years old. I've already waited for what seems like forever, and now it's finally going to happen. I'm getting my drivers license. I've suffered through driving with my parents for eighty plus hours, three weeks of driving school, and two weeks of in car training with an instructor. On test day things couldn't have gone better. I pass my road exam with a perfect one hundred, and my maneuverability with the same. There it is, my actual license card. I even took a good picture! I thought it was mine forever...boy was I wrong. It starts out on the afternoon of October 29th of 2011. My junior year. Mind you, everyone else got their licenses early sophomore year, but since I'm the baby of the 2012 class, I'm the last to get mine. I'm leaving school, and headed home. It''s myself, and my younger brother in the car. We're still not completely used to being in the car by ourselves. I leave the school parking lot and make a left onto Wiseland Street. We go two stop signs ahead, and I go to make a right onto Ridge. Now when you're at the last stop sign on Wiseland you look straight at the Landmark Tavern. Being that it's a bar, there are cars parked outside along the street. Sitting as this stop sign, I can see about half of what I need to from the adjacent street. There is a giant white Van parked on the corner, hiding my view of oncoming traffic. Being that I'm two days into having a drivers license, I'm thinking nothing can happen to me. So I go, I inch out to where I thought I could see and I went for it, and that's when it happened. A bright blue Equinox headed from Ridge didn't see me pull out, and tee-boned the back drivers side door. Awesome. I get my car to the side of the road, and realize it's a girl I go to school with. At this point I'm thinking great, we can file insurance claims, but not turn it in as an accident, I'll pay for the

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