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MEMORANDUM TO: Deborah Sanders RE: Grayson-Whitehaven Closing FROM: CLIENT #: 456------------------------------------------------- DATE: January 28, 2013 MATTER #: .0001 STATEMENT OF FACTS 1. The Grayson family has signed a contract for sale and purchase of a unit in Whitehaven. 2. Marianne runs a mail order business from her home and she would like to continue doing so when she moves into the unit. 3. Marianne’s husband Simon is a veterinarian and owns a minivan which is his only vehicle which he uses to provide transportation for grooming, boarding and other services for the animals. 4. The van which he owns has a removable, magnetic sign “Grayson Mobile Veterinary Unit”. 5. The Grayson family owns a cocker spaniel and a macaw bird. ISSUE(S) 1. Are there any restrictions that will impact the Grayson’s lifestyle? 2. If there are any restrictions, should the…show more content…
The Grayson family own a cocker spaniel and a macaw bird, if they would like to keep both the dog and the bird they would not be able to unless they have a consent from the Board for them to keep their macaw. CONCLUSION 1. According to the issues that were presented there are several restrictions that will and can impact the Grayson families’ way of living. 2. In accordance to the restrictions found the Grayson family would have to make several decisions whether or not they would be willing to change certain way of living in order to comply with the Condominium bylaws. For example, would Mrs. Grayson be willing to sacrifice running her business from home? Would Mr. Grayson mind removing the letters from his van every night? And would the Grayson family mind not keeping their macaw as a pet if the Board does not give them approval to keep
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