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Memo for Boss Stephanie M. Clapper American InterContinental University CRJS205 John Igwebuike May 4, 2014 Abstract This is a memo for a client of a sexual assault in which this person did not contact the officer about. This client has some concerns about if they can or cannot sue the offender. This person is also wondering if they can make the offender go to jail. Attorney Clapper is going to attempt to address the concerns of this client by writing a memo to her boss explaining the process involved in suing. Memo for Boss To: Mr. Angel Law Firm Boss From: Attorney Clapper Date: May 4, 2014 Re: Memo addressing concerns of the client Dear Mr. Angel, I would like to address some of the concerns for our current client in hopes that this will help ease her worries. I understand that she is the current victim of a sexual assault but she did not report what had happened to the police. It is my understanding that she would like to sue the person and possibly have him put in jail on charges for the crime. I do feel that the client does need to know her rights and deserves to have justice. I have conducted some research for her that I am in hopes she will find informational and helpful to her. A victim can sue the offender, however this person did not report it to the police so I would advise her to contact a personal injury attorney immediately. There are other suits that need to be filed in order to obtain collection of money. The victim needs to speak with a civil attorney when wanting to sue someone. There are damages that can occur when someone is trying to sue the offender those are the victim getting a substantial amount of restitution out it. This would mean that the offender would need enough money to be able to pay the victim. If the offender does have to make restitution to the victim civil court cannot make the determination of a

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