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MemoJune 8, 2014 To: Corporate Manager From: James Fryar Re: Web Conferencing Programs This memo is inform why I think that Adobe Connect is the best web conferencing program for our company meeting. Adobe Connect is a collaboration tool that includes video conferencing, application sharing, live polling, chat, whiteboards, and power point presentations with small or large groups by only connecting to a website on your computer. Using Adobe Connect, you and other meeting attendees can join a live, on-line meeting from anywhere in the world, as long as you have a browser, Flash Player plug-in, and an Internet connection. A meeting can have as few as two or as many as several hundred attendees. Benefits of using Adobe Connect are saving real money by reducing expensive travel and training costs at the same time as improving productivity and the learning experience. Being able to record lectures for on demand playback. Example would be watching a past lecture to help study for test.Many people and companies use adobe connect, a couple examples are Military, Colleges, Hospital even the president of the United states. Adobe Connect is the number one conferencing program for many Government companies and it is also a way of networking with companies in different countries, which brings me back to adobe saving travel time and money. Adobe Connect is by far the best program for our company, referring back to our last meeting, you said that this company needs to save more money, well in my opinion I think this is the best way. Info-Tech Research Adobe Connect has been named a "Champion" in Info-Tech Research Group’s latest Vendor Landscape report. Info-Tech, 05/2011 Gartner Inc. Adobe is in the Leader’s quadrant in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Web Conferencing. David Mario Smith, 12/10/2012 The Forrester Wave "Adobe Connect is the most comprehensive

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