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Zoe Ma Ma Memorandum To: Edwin From: Phil Date: September 20, 2013 Subject: Website Evaluation As a satisfied customer who has frequented your fast-casual restaurant many times in my days as a CU student, I have to tell you that I was rather disappointed when I first saw your website a few days ago. I was trying to convince a friend, who has never heard of Zoe Ma Ma, to try it out with me. He wanted to look at the website first to get a feel of what exactly Zoe Ma Ma has to offer. In contrast to the food you serve, the website is extremely bland and very boring. This site contains hardly any use of colors and not one single image of anything is presented. The website you currently have is nothing more than a menu with other basic information in black print on a white background. Granted a potential customer might only be interested in what you serve and how much it costs, but a large number of potential customers look for more on a website than just a menu. Unimpressed with the website, I couldn’t convince my friend to eat at Zoe Ma Ma’s and so we opted to eat somewhere else that afternoon. I have several recommendations on how to avoid this scenario. This includes renovating the overall design of the website, increasing the quality of the content, and adding color/images to make this website feel more authentic. Overall Design Currently, this is a very unprofessional looking website. There is no header bar or links, so all the information is displayed on the home page. I encourage you to look at the websites of your competition on Pearl Street and you will notice they invested heavily on the quality and usability of their website. For example, Moongate Asian Bistro features a montage of pictures on its home page that does a really effective job of making the food they serve look delicious. They also have there story/mission

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