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Memo To: All Senior Staff From: Kristen Huffman, CEO & President Re: New Strategic Direction Thank you for attending our annual strategic planning session. Given recent changes in the economy and customer needs, a new direction for our company is necessary. After reviewing how other companies restructured themselves in recent years, we will mirror how UPS conducts business as a partner/consultant with large customers. For our company, however, we will go a step further and become a warehousing/local just-in-time (JIT) delivery source, instead of providing logistics advice to clients, as UPS does. To accomplish this, we must integrate this new direction into our upcoming strategic plan and financial planning. First, I need all department managers to prepare their budgets. I would also like our accounting department to move ahead on a preliminary set of pro forma statements, even without final budgets, using the following assumptions. They must determine if external funding is needed. I have attached a summary of assumptions about this new direction. New Strategic Direction Page 2 1. Assume inflation of 4% on expenses, not including depreciation and taxes. This is in addition to the new initiatives costs. New Strategic Initiative Assumptions Huffman may overcome increased competition and economic slowdown by initiating a new strategy; this will turn our company into a one-stop shop and key logistics company. We will provide consulting services, generate revenues, and become a JIT warehouse/delivery source. A local retailer selling products from a distant manufacturing plant, for example, may accept JIT deliveries, instead of 40-foot trailer loads. This would be fulfilled by the local operation. 2. Assume the following regarding variables versus fixed-nature-of-income-statement operating expenses for the existing business: a. 80% of wage

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