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melis Essay

  • Submitted by: melislovesgraham
  • on March 23, 2008
  • Category: Arts and Music
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Family Structure
          In Barbie World there are two kids in each family. Parents may conceive more than two children because they can be put up for adoption. To each child there is two parents. Divorce in Barbie World does not exist. When a Barbie which means a female and Ken meaning a male get married they are deeply and love and always be. The role of each parent is simple. They surf all day and earn fifty dollars an hour. When children graduate Barbie High School they will move on to Barbie University. Family always lives together in there Barbie dream houses.  
Education Plans
        All children attend school from kindergarden to senior year of high school. Kids cannot be home schooled because parents are too busy surfing all day they just don`t have time to teach there kids. If kids haven`t started school by age 5 their parents will be penalized with a fine. You get educational planning in high school and then it will further on in college. In school children learn the basic and have electives on the side. For example they study math, reading, science, grammar, history, and physical education. A school day generally lasts 6 hours. The schools are indoors due to unknown weather that day might behold. Although its always sunny in Barbie World. The desks are pink or blue depending whether you’re a Barbie or a Ken. The teachers must be skinny always with straight blonde or brown hair.

Society’s rules
                The rules for adults, children and elders are to have fun because there’s no frowning in a Barbie World. People may leave the community as the please. People can come into the community to visit whenever they want, no application process is necessary. When there is a death or birth in the family that family will be give a $5000 dollar shopping spree. People are punished by getting a very fake orange tan lasting to meet up with their punishment.
Jobs and unemployment
                Children have the option to start working when they...

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