Melinda's Symbolism In Speak

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Speak now or forever hold your peace! In Speak by lauren halse anderson the main character melinda was raped. She called the police and everyone found out that she called the police. the start of her freshman year is a disaster because everyone hates her because of her calling the cops and ruining the party. Melinda has a problem with communicating and telling why she really called the cops . Melinda has been through alot but she has got over it and accepted the fact that she was raped and decided to accept her rape. Throughout the story one symbol that has changed and helped melinda to start communicating is the “Tree” she starts off making her trees “dead, not breathing and struck by lightning”(31) She symbolizes herself by making the trees this way because she is depressed and she thinks of herself as helpless and very sad. they way this symbol changes is that she makes a statement and says “my tree is definitely breathing” (196). this has changed because at first the trees are representing sadness now they are representing happiness. she is happy now that she has came out with the truth. that is how the “tree” symbol changes throughout the story.…show more content…
“abandoned and no purpose”(26). She feels as if the closet is her sanctuary and that she needs to be alone and to be happy by herself. that is her safe place. then after she started to begin communicating she started finding all the defects in the closet. “haven't been able to get rid of the smell there is no circulation” (192).she thinks there is no need for her to have the closet anymore. she also says that another kid might need it next year.she changes the way the symbols represent because of the way she feels towards the

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