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[pic] Application procedures for MEL4012 Physician Shadowing Spring 2010 Deadline for Application Postmark: December 4, 2009 (if mailed via U.S. mail by this date, application will be accepted – no need to overnight/express ship) Decisions Announced: By December 11, 2009 via email Introduction: Enrollment in MEL4012 is closely controlled by the College of Medicine in an effort to protect the patients of Shands Hospital at the University of Florida. Selection of students is based on academic and professional performance in MEL4011 and also the information contained in this application. The number of students we can enroll is limited by the number of physicians available to be shadowed for any given…show more content…
IMPORTANT - You need to provide documentation of the date/year of chicken pox infection OR date of varicella vaccine OR documentation showing positive titer. If you had the chicken pox, most pediatricians indicate that on your immunization forms, however, if it is not then just state the year you had the disease. 5) Essays (approximately one page each, single-spaced): a. Please include a statement about your experience in MEL4011, how you heard about MEL4012, why you wish to take it, and what are your current career goals. b. Please include a resume detailing your previous experiences working in a clinic, shadowing a physician, volunteering, doing research, and any other form of employment demonstrating responsibility. c. American patients, particularly the poor and elderly, are importing prescription drugs from Canada because they cost less. As a result, this takes business away from American companies and their employees. Consider this: How would you advise the US Congress when considering how to regulate this activity? Be sure to consider both the viewpoints of the patient (and their families) and physician as well as the American drug companies and its employees (and their families). Please approach this essay as you would any other MEL4011 essay, include at least two references. Important Tips for Applying to

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