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Meiosis And Mitosis Essay

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Meiosis and Mitosis
Cell division plays a very important part in the life cycle of a cell.   Cell division involves two main steps: nuclear division and cytokinesis.   Nuclear division is broken into two different types: mitosis and meiosis. Mitosis and meiosis have similarities in the process they follow.   The similarity is that both cells reproduce into new cells through older cells.   These cells are different, in their process as well as in their products.   These differences are caused by the different types of cells that each process creates.   Mitosis creates identical genetic copies of cells. This is how multi-cellular organisms grow larger and repair damage.   Meiosis creates haploid gametes.   These are the cells used in sexual reproduction such as eggs in females and sperm in males.   These cells only have half the genetic makeup of the parent cell.   Mitosis can occur in either haploid or diploid cells, whereas meiosis occurs only in cells with the diploid number of chromosomes.
First role that mitosis play in the ability to grow, heal wounds and develop.   Any living organism is constantly making new cells.   A healthy human produces 25 million new cells every second.   Every time an organism grows in size or repairs worn out or damaged tissue new cells are made.   Mitosis has five stages that cell goes through to form two daughter cells which are new cells that help us develop new tissue that was ruined for any reason.   Mitosis is the process that guarantees the continuation of life and genes.   The next phases of mitosis are when the cell cycle starts off with Interphase; it is the busy part of the cell cycle, this is where the cell makes ATP witch is energy.   This stage also makes protein, producing new organelles such as ribosomes and mitochondria and duplicating there chromosomes.   The first actual phase of mitosis is Prophase, it is the longest phase.   Stringy chromatin coils up into visible chromosomes, the duplicated chromosomes are made up of two...

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