Mega Does of Vitamin C Does Not Prevent Cancer

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Linus Carl Pauling was an American scientist and educator, and was one of the most important Scientists of the twentieth century. He has won two Noble Prizes, and is considered a founder of Quantum Chemistry. In his lifetime, Pauling has made many discoveries and theories. One of his theories is that if you take mega-doses of Vitamin C, you can ward of cancer, and you “can help in controlling heart disease, and other diseases[ ]”. He took in about 12,000 mg daily of it to ward of disease, and when he was sick or began to feel as though he may soon become sick, then he would increase his daily dose to about 40,000 mg instead. Pauling claimed that because he did this, he was able to delay his prostate cancer by roughly twenty years. Vitamin C is essential to the health of humans for it is “required for the proper development and function of many parts of the body[]”. Vitamin C is most commonly used for treating the common cold, age-related macular degeneration , ulcers in the stomach caused by a specific bacterium, slowing the worsening of osteoarthritis and lowering high blood pressure. It can even be used to prevent atherosclerosis, specific kidney problems, lung infections caused by heavy exercise, sunburn and risk of certain cancers. Their are so many benefits from taking Vitamin C, however, I agree with the critics of this theory. Mega-Doses of Vitamin C does not ward cancer, in fact, Mega-doses can be detrimental to you. Take age-related macular degeneration for example, you can use vitamin C to treat this but you you will have to take this in combination with zinc, vitamin E, and beta-carotene (which is turned into vitamin A in your body) in order for it to have an effect. While zinc, vitamin E and vitamin A are good for you, in larger does they can be extremely bad for you health. Beta-carotene for example, "However, long-term use

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