Meg in a Wrinkle in Time Essay

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Roy Mann Abigail 6-1 1/16/13 MEG In this dumb old attic bedroom, where I’m wrapped up in my quilt, dreadful things soared through my mind. The house is shaking and so am I. emanating all the things the girls have said makes it all worse. On the bright side I’m probably going to be left back, so I won’t be seeing them next year! I feel like a delinquent, after all that fight gave me a bad bruise. It’s not possible to think about father with this somber expression on my face now. He deserves much, much, much, and more. If he was here everything would be different, but he’ll be despondent, after he’ll hear about everything. Everyone’s sleeping in bed besides me, all day on the radio it said there’s going to be a hurricane, and I’m to scared that the roof is going to fly off while I’m still in the attic and, then there’s that tramp on the loose, how on earth could my life be any worse! Then I have this dumb baby brother that everyone is making fun of, which makes me tick off! I hope he doesn’t grow up to be stupid as me. Before dad had left Charles Wallace couldn’t talk, if dad was here he would be so cheerful that his little boy has such vocabulary at a primitive stage. Then my mom would usually say that clever people like her and dad, have subnormal children. The two goody four shoes twins seem to be nice, but the unattractive girl with the brown mouse hair, and the baby boy certainly doesn’t fit the picture. It was true that Charles Wallace seldom spoke when anybody was around, so that many people thought he’d never learned to talk. And sure, it was true that he hadn’t talked at all until he was almost four. I would turn white with fury when people looked at him and laugh like there’s no tomorrow! When Charles Wallace’s little friend (Mrs. Whatsit) came over, I do admit that I went a little overboard, just a little. I mean like,

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