Meeting The Love Of My Life. Essay

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Meeting the Love of my Life. From an early age I never paid attention to religion be it Christianity, Islam, or any other religion. My parents were religious Christians and they made sure that I participated in religious activities like prayers before meals and attending church services although I did not understand why I had to do so. Little did I know that I would meet my husband in a religious type of environment. This trend continued throughout my teenage years, and Christianity had become a part of my life. One day when I was nineteen years old, my mother came home so excited, and I wanted to share in her joy. I asked her what had made her that happy, and she said that she had bought me a ticket to attend a youth conference which our local church had organized. That conference was going to be the most memorable event ever in the church ministry, so she said. ‘She does not understand that I need to hang out with my friends this weekend since it is the last one before I move out of my home town in search of a job!’ Those were my thoughts at that moment. According to me, the conference was not an important event in my life. I was angry at her but I did not want to disappoint her by saying no. My mother taught us to obey our people we looked up to. I packed my bags ready for the so called ‘memorable event ever’, cancelling all other plans. The following day, the youth members and I boarded the church bus and off we went to Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya where the conference would take place. As usual I had dressed to impress; I wore a grey silk top, a pair of black trousers and a pair of silver high heeled shoes. I complemented my attire with a silver necklace. All this time I had no idea what the conference was about, so at the door I picked a brochure with the program outline and the title of the conference which was ‘How to Bounce When others break’. The

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