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Meeting Minutes The purpose of a meeting is for people to discuss what they’re doing, what problems they’re currently experiencing and what they want to work towards. It helps to keep all team members informed of each other’s progress and if someone is experiencing a problem this can be communicated and people can help to resolve the matter. During my team meetings I create a traffic light system which involves having a green section for what is currently working well, an amber section for what could be improved, and red for what needs immediate action. This helps me to communicate what I am doing and what problems I am experiencing. At *** we make sure to abide by legal and organisational requirements that apply to minute taking. When taking minutes of a meeting I ensure I put the time and date of when the meeting took place and who was present at the meeting, I always make sure the minutes are signed off by the chair of that meeting. It’s important that I take minutes of the meeting as confirmation of what took place during the meeting. It creates an accurate record of discussion as everything said is wrote down, and all actions are recorded therefore creating an audit trail. It is also important to review these actions at the following meeting to see how everybody got on. After minutes have been checked and signed off by the chair of the meeting I store them in a file and on the server under ‘meeting minutes’ and in the correct file. When I take minutes I always use *** minute template, this template was created to keep it standardised so everybody used the same format to make sure everything from the meeting is included. Different terms are commonly used in meetings such as chair, committee, and proposal. These are used so things can be abbreviated and for everybody to know what is being discussed. The role of a chair in a meeting is to control the meeting

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