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Meeting Culture Essay Hua Huang (Shark) Introduction In this essay I would like to talk about the meeting I have when I was an intern in a non-profit organization – Fenway Community Development Corporation (Fenway CDC), most of the aim of the meetings are to figure out the individual mission of the preparation and the process of the annual project – the 40th Fenway Ball. Fenway CDC is a non-profit organization focus on developing affordable housing to achieve greater residential stability and diversity. Fenway CDC also involving the community planning, and advocating services for low moderate income residents. It developed nearly 600 affordable houses; one of the apartments is the first apartment that set-aside foe people with AIDS and HIV. It provides skill training, career counseling, job placement and career advancement services to hundreds those people that need help. Fenway CDC also helps renovating the Fenway Park; prevent the displacement of 200 elders. So the 40th Fenway Ball is a charity event to raise funds to help the neighborhoods. The Discussion Base on the Survey Results The meeting I have in Fenway CDC is short meeting, each meeting is around 15-20 minutes, there were four to five participants, and most if the time the facilitator is the project manager, the sponsor is the executive officer if the organization. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the process of the event and assigning task to every employee, in my case, most of us are interns. Base on the survey results, all the short meetings I have in Fenway CDC are very clearly defined, and we focus on what we are doing. Because the manager writes the whole schedule on a white board, so every day when we walk in to the office we just know what we are going to do today, and prepare for it. On the white board also has a place just like the “parking lot” where the project

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