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Medusa Essay

  • Submitted by: reecer1
  • on March 9, 2012
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March 24, 2011
Billy Budd
This paper is about a book called "Billy Budd". It was part of the romanticism theme. There are several things i want to write about. First I'll give a board summary over it, explaining key parts. then ill discuss a big theme of the book. binary logic and blurred lines. then ill give my whole opinion about verything and what i believe shuold have happen.
the book starts out explaining a little about billy budd. he's tall, handsome, strong, and all around a very good man. at first, he belonged to a ship called the rights of men. at one port he was drafted to the bellipotent. on this ship he got along with everyone. he proved himself to be a really good worker. nobody disliked him except the master at arms, claggart. he was a dark man. no one really like him.he was the exact opposite of billy budd. not very many people liked him. some called him jemmey legs. during this time, there had been a lot of mutinies at sea. claggart knew this and he found a way to get billy in some trouble. no one really knew why claggart hated him so much. it was just natural jealousy. billy had every thing that claggart wanted. the looks, strong, the ability to get along so well. well one day claggart tells the captain of the ship, captain vere, this. vere didn't beleive this. but they bth confronted billy and asked about it. one delimma billy did have was he would panic and stutter under pressure making it hard for him to tell his side. so when he heard about all these accusations, he started stuttering and couldn't say anything. out of frustration and fear, billy strikes claggart in the head. it was a hard enough hit to kill him. now vere is stuck with the issue of billy, one of his better cruewmen, committing a murder. he doesn't want to punish him because he believes that billy acted out of fear and did not intend on killing claggart. but because of law and the fear of mutiny, vere chooses to let the drumhead court make the decision, and billy ends up...

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