Medival Church Essay

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As the secular church did offer many opportunities for ordinary people, makes us think they did not really cared about religion at all. The King needed secular church for political reasons, he did think about religion too. The secular church offered salvation, for people to confess their sins to the priest. In medieval times people needed to go to heaven the only way was through the church. People were not allowed to think differently to what church had taught them, for example in the late 17th century Galileo was excommunicated because he suggested the earth moved round the sun and it was against the teachings of the church. People were told that God had willed it; they needed religion and explanations to survive. The Church was really important in Medieval times than it is now. In those days people needed Church and religion to get their way through life. The Church controlled everyone even the King. It was important to people because it provided education for ordinary people, the priests gave advice, care and leisure in addition to religion. People needed priests to marry, baptise and bury them, without the church there would be no priests to do that. This shows that the Church was important to people in medieval ages. As we know not many people believe in heaven and hell now, but almost everyone believed in them in medieval ages. Everyone wanted to go to heaven when they died. They followed the church’s rules because it was the only was, they had to confess to confess their sins to the priest, for forgiveness from God. The church was more important to the king. He needed it to do coronations because they were religious ceremonies. Recognition by the church was important for Kings in the Middle Ages their reputation counted on it. Because Popes could excommunicated any one they can, even kings they did not care if they were royal people. People who were banned

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