Meditouch Case Study

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MediTouch software by Healthfusion With an EHR system like Meditouch physicians are able to view patient’s medical history and records from all physicians in one location. This reduces problems such as over medicating and over ordering of tests and procedures which are costly. In February 2012, HealthFusion’s MediTouch won the Surescripts White Coat of Quality award for its e-prescribing system, which means it is certified for all electronic messages for prescription benefits, medication history and prescription routing. Of the 300 ambulatory Meaningful Use certified EHRs, the MediTouch system is among the top 20 percent to receive this award. ("Meditouch," 2011) Product Uses: MediTouch EHR is a complete electronic health record…show more content…
MediTouch is web based and only integrates with healthfusion practice management. MediTouch EHR can be deployed standalone or in conjunction with HealthFusion’s practice management system. (Software Advice)This practice management system is web based so it allows you to be wireless while using this system in or out of the office. It also allows patients to have access to their health records based on the laws and limitations. The software works on Iphone’s and Ipad’s. MediTouch allows physicians to order prescriptions for patients while in the room as well as document the patient’s medical history. By doing this a patient has more timely turn arounds with patient visits and less chart management and paperwork between visits. MediTouch’s wireless management enables the staff to work with patients in a faster…show more content…
Such systems are accessed by paying a rental or monthly access fee. The server on which the application is hosted is secure and HIPAA compliant and is located outside the Practice. All technical aspects of the server like, maintenance, backups etc. are maintained by a professional IT company. Another major advantage is that most of the computing is done on the remote server and because of this, the requirements of “onsite hardware” is greatly reduced. This kind of a setup allows the physician to access all information at any time from anyplace with Internet access. ("Binary spectrum,emr,"

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