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The three tenats that touched me the most were the principles of Providence, extensions and the words to never forget. Aurelius stated that: “What is divine is full of providence and that the world is maintained by change-in the elements and in the things they compose.” This piece of wisdom was very powerful to me. Aurelius said that what is divine is full of providence. The world can sometimes seem unfair to many people. When these people see the word divine, they think of the word “perfect.” These people are not seeing outside of the box that they live in. What Aurelius is saying is that the world is still divine even if things are rough. As long as people share the love that they have for themselves and for the rest of their communities, they are demonstrating providence. When the world has this providence, the world is divine. What Aurelius is saying here is if we don’t understand that the world changes then we won’t be divine. Things happen and regardless of the fact they these changes are good or bad, we just need to learn to live with them and accept them. If we accept the fact that the world isn’t perfect, then we can essentially be a divine culture; and that is the next best thing. *I removed this paragraph because it was too personal. Insert your own here* Aurelius has a philosophy of extensions that relates to me a lot. Aurelius said “There is a limit to the time assigned to you, and if you don’t use it to free yourself it will be gone and will never return. I know exactly what Aurelius is saying here. He is saying that putting off tasks is not helpful. The more that an individual puts off a task, the hole gets deeper that they are digging for themselves. When a person is assigned something to do, they are expected to complete this assignment by a certain date and time. If this person tries to complete this assignment later than they were

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