Meditación Essay

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Adjust yourself to be comfortable and when you are ready, close your eyes. Place one hand in the other in your lap. Empty your mind, but don’t worry if you think about other things. Know that these are mental events that are natural. Don’t try to force them to go away, but rather finish the thought and let it go. Remember a time when you were completely relaxed and simulate that feeling. Focus on your breathing, breathe through your stomach at your own pace. notice the feeling of air when you breathe in and out. concentrate on this feeling. Now imagine that you are sitting on the shore of a beautiful river. Admire the beauty and the peace of this place. Now look at the current right in front of you, see the leaves that go by on the water. Calmly pick up a leaf place it in front of you with your right hand. Now look down at your left hand. Imagine that you are holding a small glass ball. Place your worries and doubts in the glass ball. Now put the ball on the leaf and hold the leaf on top of the water. Take a deep breath, and let it go. Don’t follow it. Don’t do anything. Watch it drift out of sight and admire the river again. Smile. When you are ready, open your eyes slowly. siéntete cómodo. Cuando estas listo, cierre tus ojos. Coloque tu maño en el otro con sus palmas arribas. Vacie tu mente, pero no te preocupe si tienes otros pensamientos. Te de cuenta de que los son eventos mentales, nada más, y que son naturales. No trates de forzarlos a salir, sino termine los pensamientos y calme tu mente ultravez. Recuerde una vez que estuviste completamente relajado y simule ese sentido. Enfocete en su respiración, respirete con su estomago. Fijente en el sentimiento del aire cuando inhalas y exhalas. Enfocate en este sentimiento un poco más. Ahora imagine que estás sentado el la orilla de un río hermoso. Admires la belleza, y mires el

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