Medieval Torture Essay

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The main reasons for torture are to find or get information from a particular person. Another reason could just simply be because that person did something wrong e.g. the crocodile sheer is used only when a person attempts to murder the king. Other reasons could be for miscarriage, homosexuals, liars, gossipers and even attempting to kill the king. Another reason for torture is for being a witch. In medieval times they determine you to be a witch with very bizarre criterias. If you look or behave creepy they determine you as a witch, if you have a black cat, they also believe you are a witch Methods of Torture The Choke Pear/ The Pear of Anguish There are several different ways of torturing or killing a person, but I will only tell you three ways of torturing in the medieval ages. One of the worst could be the: Pear of Anguish, or more commonly known as The Choke Pear. The way it works; is through a pear shaped metal which splits in quarters and pushes out, it does this by twisting a knob.The Choke Pear can be used on a few occasions; woman who conducted abortions, homosexuals, liars and blasphemers. For woman it is put in the sensitive areas, for men it is put in the anus and for liars and blasphemers it is put in the mouth. The Rack The Rack is another horrible way of torture. This torture is mainly used to get information out of people, therefore it wouldn’t kill anyone. This torture is usually followed by another torture that will kill the unfortunate victim. This torture is made by the victim lying on a wooden board. Once he lies on the board, the victim is tied down, 2 ropes on the top for the arms and two ropes on the bottom for the legs. Once tied the torturer pulls a wooden handle which will pull the victim in both directions. If failed to retrieve any information then the victim is stretched more, the victim may eventually dislocate a shoulder or

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