Medieval Emotions Essay

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People have traveled for many different reasons in the medieval times which was written down in literature or inspired to write. Whether it’s for the joy of traveling, for business, being sent on exile, or for religious purposes, they traveled with a strong feeling in themselves that pushes them to their destination. There are a few who would go on crusades in their journey to Jerusalem with the first crusade occurred in 1095 which was issued by Pope Urban II; sending the armies to go to war against the Muslims in the Holy Land. Besides the Crusades and the harshness of wars, there are those who travel for the sense of seeing the wonders in the world, and meeting interesting sights and people which is not of the norm of their homeland. Traveling alone is a unique sensation compared to traveling with a company. Being alone means that they are alone with their own thoughts without judgement of others hindering down. They are free to travel wherever they want to go without waiting for their travel companion on their decision making. But what people may discover in their journeys, is what they really are deep inside when coming across something that inspires them or makes them move. From this, their discovery could move them to one way or another that can make it as a transformation. This is reflected in the medieval literatures in The Travels of Sir John Mandeville and The Book of Margery Kempe, the wonders and emotions in travels can spark a person’s emotions to heighten levels of what they have discovered, and express it as such in their own way. I want to point out their specific way of expressing their emotions have caused such distraught and distraction to others that the people wonder what could cause them to act in such. As if the emotions are manifested from something dark such as the wails of Margery Kempe disrupting the people around her; causing others to

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