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Scotty Tyler Mrs. Houck 9/29/11 World Lit. One Step at a Time Being young and starting to learn your own culture is not a very difficult task, it all just comes to you by your surroundings. People learn their culture by being around the people of the same or similar culture. It is the society around us that forms us to our culture. Culture has shaped me in many ways through manners, rights, wrongs, and attitudes. By being around my family and observing their actions or thoughts on the world I take on the same beliefs. I was raised always to be a gentleman and to treat any girl like a lady. I was also raised to “mind my P’s and Q’s.” My culture has influenced my values and beliefs in life by giving me something to believe in and understand what is important. Recently I have been getting quite a few college letters for basketball but my grades are not very good. I maybe average about a 2.7 GPA if I’m lucky, and that is definitely not enough to get into a good D1 college. My culture has gotten me to understand the fact that if I don’t get good grades and improve myself in academics I won’t get my college paid for. That is THE biggest value in my life right now and I believe I am finally beginning to understand that. This should be my greatest goal and highest priority at the moment. I believe that before this point in my life I was lazy and my future wasn’t as bright as it should have been. From this point forward for me to succeed, having just “ok” grades is not going to fly. Culture shapes the way we see ourselves, others, and the world by our differences. If you go to China you are not going to see the same food, dances, or structures you see in America and that is because their culture shapes them differently than how our society shapes us. In our world today we all have many differences but we also have similarities. One similarity is how we strive to

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