Medicinal Marijuana Essay

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The Medical Marijuana System in Canada Comm 1200 Section 2 Cannabis, also known as Marijuana, has been used throughout history around the world for good or for bad, depending on your point of view. There was a time when many western doctors had forgotten about the usefulness of cannabis in relieving pain without any addictive properties or side effects. Since the year 1996 when California legalized medicinal marijuana there has been massive controversy between doctors, patients and the government. The legalization of medicinal marijuana in Canada has been an extremely heated argument between the different parties. But as more doctors in Canada are starting to realize that marijuana does more good than bad the government is starting to accommodate those with the needs for this medicine. Medicinal marijuana is good for the relief of chronic pain with limited to no side effect and no addictive factors. The system to be prescribed medicinal marijuana is a difficult one to understand. In order to obtain marijuana in Canada you need to receive a license from your doctor. In order to receive a personal authorization to posses (ATP) license you must be in one of the two categories that the government has established. “Physicians must also state which of the two categories (down from 3) the patient falls under (end-of-life or debilitating symptom) and that conventional treatments are inappropriate or ineffective.”(Sibbald, 2005) It is extremely difficult to obtain a license as so many doctors are against the system. Once you do obtain a license it is your responsibility to decide your dosage amount and what government owned grower you can buy from. This was just recently changed to reduce the onus on physicians as gatekeepers. “Instead, applicants must acknowledge that the benefits and risks and not fully understood and that they accept those risks. Applicants also

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