Medici Family Essay

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The Medici family money, power, fame, and a passion for art. The family was very rich and successful in making money. They also had great politics, including military defense strategies. Their money sent them on a journey through art, and their passion would never stop. The Medici family had a dream in reality with art, money, and power.
The Medici family had a passion for art. But that was not the only thing they also sponsored architects. In making of statues, beautiful palaces, amazing buildings, and the most graceful homes that you could ever live in ( If you were the King). They also created opportunities for artists with talent. For example, Michelangelo lived in the Medici's home for a couple of years. The Medici family was responsible for most of the Florentine art. The family also loaned money to artists and architects so they could buy supplies and paint. A lot of the Medici's money was spent on art, because they had a special love for it. They would buy art from artists to fill up their home with amazing, and creative artwork. The Medici family had a passion for art like no body else!
The Medici family also had great interest in political power, and good defense strategies in war. They kept a strong military; stronger than any other nation. They also built palaces to block enemies from the outside, while the military was roaming and protecting the village. The Medici family also had a bad side. They murdered anyone who plotted against their family name. Whenever they killed an enemy, they made their defense stronger, so the enemy couldn't attack back. They built up their defense often, because they got attacked a lot.
The Medici family was the richest family in Florence, Italy. They obtained their wealth by banking. The family owned over 80 banks all over italy, making money everyday and every hour. Kings and Popes borrowed money from their banks.
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