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Medication Training Essay

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  • on May 21, 2013
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Administer medication to individuals,
and monitor the effects

outcome 1

Current legislations that are relevant to the administration of medicine include, the medicines act 1968, the misuse of drugs act 1991 and the health and social care act 2001.

Outcome 2

Common types of medication include, antibiotics these destroy or slow down the growth of bacteria and treats any infection that are caused by bacteria some of the side effects include sickness and diarrhoea, loss of appetite also abdominal pains. Diuretics (water pills) these help reduce the water in certain parts of your body where oedema has happened the side effects of taking these pills are an increase of urination, headaches, cramps of the muscles, skin rash, also can cause sickness. There are also paracetamol and ibuprofen they are mainly used to relive headaches or any pains that you may have, the side effects include sickness and diarrhoea indigestion and abdominal pains.

To get the correct anti-hypertensive you need to have the right physiological measurements of a person's blood pressure. For people who have diabetes there insulin needs to be measured to ensure that the level of glucose is at the right amount.   Warfarin requires the blood to be checked on a regular basis this is so they can keep an eye on the blood and to see if the medication is working and to see if they need to change the dosage of it.

There are a range of side effects with each medication that you take, you should always read the leaflets where the side effects should be made clear, sometimes people can have an adverse reaction which may not be labelled in the leaflet. If this does happen they need to consultant a health professional to find out what medication is causing the reaction.
There are a number of different ways to administrate medications to a client these are Orally - this is   when the medication is given through the mouth and swallowed either tablet or liquid...

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