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Medication Paper This paper will be examining the different aspects of a resident that is being cared for in the clinical setting. It will illustrate the resident, the different diagnosis that this resident has and the medications this resident is on to help with those diagnoses. Part 1: The Client For this paper the resident will be referred to as Cindy Lou Who or Cindy for short for confidential reasons. Cindy grew up in Brandon, Manitoba with her dad, mom, two brothers and one sister. Her dad worked on the Royal Canadian Pacific railway which eventually moved them to Lethbridge when Cindy was 14. Cindy graduated from high school and went on to post-secondary at the Lethbridge College to become an administrative assistance, she worked at Agnes Davidson and that is where she retired from. Cindy married young but was unable to remember a specific date or age, she and her husband had four boys and one girl who all live in Lethbridge or close by. Her husband unfortunately passed away in 2009 but luckily she has a strong support system with her children who visit often (Lou Who, Cindy. 2011). Cindy is now an 87 year old woman who is extremely independent; she is very patient with the young nursing students and friendly to all the residents. Cindy is about 160 pounds, 5’5 and absolutely adorable. She was very independent, living at home, doing her own cleaning and cooking, however she still needs a cane to walk and some teaching with how to properly take her medication. Cindy was acting “sluggish” at home and was admitted for confusion and polypharmacy but has been improving greatly in just the last two weeks; all she needs is a little teaching. Cindy also has some past medical history with Angina, arthritis, frequent falls, high blood pressure and mild cognitive impairment (Unpublished document, 2011). Discussion of medical diagnoses related to client.

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