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Title: Business Organization Structure and Information Technology Name Institution Date of submission Business organizational structure A business organizational structure is a systematic arrangement based on hierarchy in line of duties, authority, and level of management, communication and obligations. The organizational structure shows how power, duties and responsibility would be organized, coordinated, assigned and the flow of information. This is done in order to achieve organizational objectives and goals. When dealing with a small group where communication is face-to-face, a structure that is formal is not necessary. A large organization requires decision to be made about various delegated tasks, such prompt a formal organizational structure. A structure in any organization is determined by; duties, work done, number of employees, proceeds, series of business and physical distribution. A business structure is determined by the organization’s goals and strategy. There are two types of organizational structure; centralized and decentralized structure. A centralized structure is characterized by individual members who hold top management to provide direction and make decision. It has power, control and over other divisions and departments. In a decentralized structure, power in decision making is reverential depending on the level of independence. There are several people whose input is required for a decision to be made. Decentralized organizational structure consists of a team from different levels who may have autonomy concerning business decisions. Role of IT in a business organization Information technology comprises all types of technology in use to produce, substitute and exploit, retrieve, manipulate and transmit information on various forms such as data,

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