Medicare Essay

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MEDICARE Medicare and health care are two intertwined words that mean professional treatment on an illness or injury. The delivery and consumptions of this care is a series of the complicated process that needs a lot of monitoring. It includes diagnosis, treatment, prevention, rehabilitation and general palliative care. Qualified individuals deliver this care within organizations, ranging from hospitals to commercial organizations such as pharmaceutical companies, government bodies and non-governmental organizations. During the delivery of these healthcare services, resources available are scarce while their demand gradually increases. Increase in demand is associated with the new and competing treatments and an aging population that need consistence health care services. With the limited resources tough choices have to be made in the delivery of receipts of healthcare. Making these choices in the healthcare system needs a clear understanding of the costs and benefits of delivering and providing such care. The process must be scientifically evaluated to ensure that the best decisions are made upon every step of the way (Getzen, 2007). Economics and its study, provides scientific analyzing process which gives tools and thoughts that help in making proper decisions on delivery and receipts of healthcare. Economics is a social science that studies how individuals, government bodies and nations at large make choice while allocating scarce resources to satisfy their limited wants. Therefore, healthcare system uses some economic concepts to the analysis of decision making by individuals, healthcare providers and governments with respect to health and healthcare (Repsentatives, 2007). Basic economic concepts in healthcare or Medicare There are a number of economic concepts that are applicable in the healthcare arena. They

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