Medical Transcription Essay

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I have been in the field of medical transcription for 4 years. I never knew about medical transcription jobs and just by chance came to know about it through an advertisement in the newspaper. Medical transcription employers had invited people to take a test in English language and to show their skills in medical terminology. I just went with my friend to take the exam and to my surprise made through it. I got a call letter to join the company and they wanted me to sign a contract. Now, I have the required medical knowledge, an internet connection, my own PC and free time I can give it a try. The best thing is that I can work from home, which provides cozy and peaceful surroundings. Moreover with medical transcriptionist jobs, one is his own boss, is not answerable to anyone and gets the reward in accordance to the efforts put in. While surfing the net, to find a suitable job for my skill, after reading about Future MT, I at once jumped to the conclusion that this is the right place for me I would like to join and excel in the field of medical transcription either by specializing in a certain medical discipline or many disciplines, which will help me achieve additional income and will be personally more satisfying by enriching my medical knowledge and by helping me financially. Plagiarism and copying is for those who either do not have skill or understanding or considered themselves to be over clever and in the end, end up in a grim situation with no choices. Medical transcription is an art where one has to listen to an operational procedure being conducted or some other medical lecture, talk which is being providing at a rapid pace and the person providing it does neither have time nor the intent to make it simpler or graspable. He just has to finish it to quickly and it is than left for the lesser morals to interpret it and provide a written evidence which can

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