Medical Tourism Essay

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Memo To: Kim Jeffery, Poland Spring From: Chris Kohlios Date: Oct. 23th, 2012 Subject: My forecast of how Medical Tourism might change in the next 20 years The cost of health care is rapidly rising in the United States. As a result most Americans are left without insurance. People are turning to more affordable measures to undergo elective and necessary medical procedures. Our company has been becoming more and more popular throughout the years due to many factors such as affordability, flexibility, and freedom. Medical tourism already is extremely successful in the United States being a multimillion dollar industry. Although we are very appealing to many American citizens medical tourism also has its downsides. When people work with us they may face various problems such as medical malpractice suits, insurance, recovery periods and travel inconvenience. ( It is also clear that the staff we provide abroad may not be as skilled or experience as of those in big, power countries such as America. So when deciding to invest with us people must take time to balance their tradeoffs. Even though there are disadvantages, however, I do believe that this industry will continue to grow and prosper more every year and become a very successful business. Many people prefer to undergo their medical procedures in different countries primarily because it is in general easier for them. The prices we bundle together in our packages make it possible that the expenses of travel, rooming, and the procedure itself are still less than just having the procedure done in their native country. We have been very successful with this and should continue to keep up these low prices and possibly add more packages and options for more variety. A Patient can also see that having a

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