Medical Terminologies and Its Importance

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Dr. Reilly has a patient, Jessica Adams, who needs to have a cystoscopy. Jessica knows a family friend who has received a cystoscopy in the past. Knowing that her friend has had multiple, surgeries, she has assumed that a cystoscopy involves surgery. Jessica believes that she understands the medical term cystoscopy even though she hasn’t set up an appointment with her clinician. Without having a full understanding of the procedure Jessica has made her assumption. When you break the term cystoscopy down into its root and suffix the meaning is totally different from what Jessica thinks it is The root -cyst/o means urinary bladder and the suffix -scopy means process of visually examining with an endoscope. If you combine the root and suffix together the meaning of cystoscopy is the process of visually examining the urinary bladder with an endoscope. Jessica is most likely thinking of the suffix -ectomy which means removal, excision, resection. For a biller and coder it’s extremely important for them to understand medical terminology. It is similar to studying a foreign language. There are rules which must be applied and memorization plays a significant part in its mastery. Pronunciation and spelling must is also essential. Medical terminology serves several important functions in the medical field. It creates standardized communication. It creates a standard way for health care professionals to communicate. Standard terms are important to ensure a complete understanding of patient issues. It helps to decipher complex information. Many medical terms are actually word parts made up of word roots, prefix and suffix. If a clinician memorizes standard word parts, then it is possible to decipher the meaning of most any medical term. Allows an understanding of diagnosis and procedure knowledge of medical terminology. Allows the health care professional

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