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How Customer-Centric Leaders LISTEN to the Voice of Customers E-Book by Bob Thompson CEO, CustomerThink Corp. Copyright 2013 CustomerThink Corp. How Customer-Centric Leaders Listen to the Voice of Customers Foreword This e-book contains excerpts from my upcoming book about the five habits of customer-centric leaders. The framework I’ve developed is based on 15 years of research and observation of industry trends including Customer Loyalty, CRM, CEM, Social Business, and Analytics/Big Data. Over time, two things became clear to me: 1. Each of these disciplines adds value to customer-centric businesses. And each can rightly claim to be a factor in the success of practitioners. And yet, … 2. None of them uniquely explain why some companies consistently outperform their competitors. It’s not enough, for example, to practice great CRM if the customer’s experience is ignored. What I’ve discovered is that great companies institutionalize customer-centric behaviors. Leaders make customer-centricity a habit, not a slogan or a program. In fact, employees in the top performing companies often don’t even “see” their customer-centric behavior, because it’s such an embedded part of their culture. Literally, it’s how they do business. But this group includes a very small percentage of companies, certainly no more than 10 percent. Companies that you routinely see leading customer satisfaction/loyalty ratings, like, Intuit, Southwest Airlines and USAA. There’s a tremendous opportunity for others to join this elite group, if they will do the hard work that’s required. Take a step away from buzzwords to examine how your organization performs around these five interrelated habits: Listen, Think, Empower, Create, and Delight. Each will be covered in separate e-books, so please keep in mind that they must work together as a system. Effective listening – the

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