Medical Office Billing Trainee Analysis

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Medical Office Billing Trainee Instructional Script The Collection Process By: Angelina Crudo University of Phoenix, Axia The Flow chart explains; the basic steps in the medical bill collections process and each arrow point to the direction in which the steps should be used. The first step is to bill and explain the medical office financial policy. This is to assure the patient will completely understand all financial responsibilities. At the time of visit the patient is billed and informed of the amount and any remaining balances. Thirty one days after the billing date if there is…show more content…
Overdue accounts are referred to collection agencies usually after 120 days but sometimes earlier. Providers must be sure to choose a collection agency that specializes in handling medical office accounts After every form of contacting a patient has been unsuccessful, it may become necessary for the provider to skip trace the debtor, which means locating a patient with an outstanding balance through additional methods of contact. Many medical practices hire expert agencies to do the skip tracing and are allowed to specify the kind of skip tracing done on each patient; however these agencies can be expensive. There is a less expensive method of skip tracing which includes using online directories and databases. The databases are extensive, and many different types of searches can be performed which includes the searching of an individual’s name, address, telephone number, relatives search and neighbor search (Valerius et al.,…show more content…
Patients are sometimes overcharged services provided; this money should be refunded to the patient promptly if the practice has completed the patient’s care. If the practice is still treating the patient the overcharged amount may be credited to the patients account. Patient’s accounts and financial record should be maintained according to the medical practice’s policy. The medical practice’s policy concerning keeping patient’s records is summarized in a retention schedule, which is a list of the items from a record that are retained and for how long. The practice manager or providers set the retention policy after reviewing state regulations that apply. Federal laws, such as HIPAA and FACTA are considered and taken into account (Valerius et al.,

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