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Medical Office Billing Trainee Instructional Script The Collection Process By: Angelina Crudo University of Phoenix, Axia The Flow chart explains; the basic steps in the medical bill collections process and each arrow point to the direction in which the steps should be used. The first step is to bill and explain the medical office financial policy. This is to assure the patient will completely understand all financial responsibilities. At the time of visit the patient is billed and informed of the amount and any remaining balances. Thirty one days after the billing date if there is any remaining balances the medical office will track the overdue bill by using the aging report. An automatic reminder notice will be issued and a second billing statement will be sent to the patient by mail (Valerius et al., 2008) When these steps are unsuccessful in resolving the overdue bill the next step is for the collection specialist to call the patient concerning the delinquent bill. The collection specialist should call the patient at least once daily and leave three messages to the patient per week. The collection specialist should not call a patient concerning a debt before 8a.m. in the morning and after 9 p.m. at night. Once the call has been connected the caller should be identified along with the practice, and the purpose of the call. The specialist should inform the patient of the status of his or her account and what needs to be done to resolve the issue (Valerius et al., 2008) Confirm and verify that the patient has received a bill in the mail and remind the patient of the office financial policy. If the patient becomes irate, restrain from retaliation and continue to be polite and professional. Discuss

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