Medical Office Essay

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The work flow in a medical office is a very important aspect, especially in the new kinds of office where they will be using the electronic health record. The electronic health record is a new type of way to practice medicine in an ambulatory office setting. This makes the provider and his or her staff requires having a computer for each person involved in the work flow. The electronic health record is a simulated way to practice medicine through a web based program on the computer. At the office that I work for, we currently changed the way that we practice medicine into this new way with the electronic health record system. I am going to start with the back office; the back office is one of the most important to a visit. This is the person that takes the patient back after he or she has checked in; this person also asks the patient who he or she has been here. Lastly the back office medical assistant is the one who takes the vitals of the patient and while he or she does that the physician is able to review the patients chart. By reviewing the patients chart the physician is able to see what the patient has in the past and what he will need for the further prognosis. This also helps the physician with better care for the patient. The back office medical assistant also contains of prepping the patients chart before and charting appropriate things before the patient is seen for care. The back office medical assistant also is able to do injection s of certain medications and also do ekgs. When the back office medical assistant gets ready to room a patient he or she has to make sure that all of the patient’s medications are up to date and all of the incoming notes and consults are also included in the chart. These things are vital for the physician to see the patient. All of these things are needed supplied for the physician to properly diagnose the patient for his or
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