Medical Marijuana Essay

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Medical Marijuana: Effective Treatment or Pipe Dream Lara Vanderbush ENC 1102 September 15th, 2012 Kaisa Miller Medical Marijuana: Effective Treatment or Pipe Dream The state of Arkansas will be voting in November on whether or not to make Medical Marijuana legal ( ). This brings to mind the question, is it really effective or is it just an excuse to smoke it? There are those who believe that “potheads” are just trying to stay out of jail for enjoying this plant. There are others who say that it helps terminally ill patients function when they might not otherwise be able to do so. Who is right? Medical Marijuana may have certain benefits for patients, but voters need to know if it is really effective and how before voting in any state to make it legal. Marijuana, or cannabis, is a plant that has been used recreationally, religiously, or as medicine since the 3rd millennium BC (Cannabis). Ancient rituals called for the smoking of this plant in order to have visions. This plant is different from other drugs because it is completely natural. You do not have to do anything to it or add anything to it in order for it to work. Just dry it out, pick out the seeds and stems, roll in some paper and enjoy. No widely accepted study has ever demonstrated a cause-and-effect relationship between the use of cannabis and the later use of harder drugs like heroin and cocaine. Since the 1950s, United States drug policies have been guided by the assumption that trying cannabis increases the probability that users will eventually use "harder" drugs. This hypothesis has been one of the central pillars of anti-cannabis drug policy in the United States, though the validity and implications of this hypothesis are hotly debated. Studies have shown that tobacco smoking is a better predictor of concurrent illicit hard drug use than smoking cannabis (Cannabis). The effect

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