Medical Insurance Group Failure

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ABSTRACT The company discussed is a large medical insurance group, employing thousands of across the country, and internationally, many of whom had longevity with the firm. Recently, the company underwent a reorganization of its structure. The failure of the new vision will be demonstrated by revealing the organizational disabilities of the corporation and the failed recognition of the skills necessary to have a successful outcome. Defining self by your position: Employees were expected to take on additional responsibilities, or change some of their current duties. This immediately had a chaotic effect on the employees. Traditional job descriptions changed, within a very short period of time, leaving the employees feeling…show more content…
Lack of a shared vision and lack of responsibility: Although as stated earlier, the vision statement had not significantly changed, the implementation of new ideas was never shared completely. Managers had a vague idea of what was happening corporate wide, but could not disseminate this information in a functional manner. Essentially there was little dialogue between upper management, mid level and staff. Management itself was divided into teams. They separately would try to communicate with staff, usually during lunch breaks. Each team reported different information, which at times was conflicting. When approached by staff for clarification, each team blamed another for the misinformation. Lack of mentoring: Although some meetings took place, there was not a specific plan for training staff so that they could perform their new duties accurately. Classes were scheduled haphazardly. One team member would be shown what to do, and then it was assumed that they would teach their coworkers. Clear direction was not given. As a result, morale was destroyed, and many people left the

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