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Chapter 2 Pages 12-15 1. All regulations, recommendations, and expectations of regulating agencies must be met to be in compliance. 2. e-Health Information Management (eHIM) 3. 201201200715 4. Systematized Nomenclature of Human and Veterinary Medicine (SNOMED) International 5. Provides continuous insurance coverage for workers and their insured dependents 6. Title II 7. Clearinghouse 8. Transaction 9. Use 10. Privacy officer 11. Disclosure 12. Any information that identifies an individual and describes his/her health status age, sex, ethnicity, or other demographic characteristics, whether that information is or isn’t stored or transmitted electronically. 13. Breach of confidential communication 14. Privileged information-communication 15. a. When the patient is a member of a MCO and the physician has signed a contract with the MCO that has a clause that says, “For quality care purposes, the MCO has a right to access the medical records of their patients, and for utilization management purposes” The MCO has a right to audit those patients’ financial records. b. Communicable diseases that are highly contagious or infectious state health agencies require providers to report them. c. When a medical device breaks or malfunctions the FDA requires to notified d. When a patient is a suspect in criminal investigation to assist locating a missing person, material witness, or suspect police can request certain information. e. When records are subpoenaed are there is a search warrant, courts can order the release of patient information. f. When the patient is suing someone and wants to protect themselves. g. When there is a suspicious death or suspected crime victim, providers must report cases. h. When the physician examines a patient at the request of a

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