Medical Devices Registry Act Essay

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Medical Devices Registry Act; Is it Necessary? By: Hunter Redwood Sunday, October 28th, 2012 The legislation of the Medical Devices Registry Act (Bill S-202) would propose that a national registry for medical devices is created, to ensure that Canadian citizens receive notice if there is a problem with a medical device within their house. This bill should not be passed as a law because of the consequential aftermath that would occur, if the bill passed. The legislation of this bill is unnecessary because it will cause a lot of money loss to the government, there are other issues that should be focused on before this bill, and the companies of the medical devices should take responsibility for reporting any issue with their product. The first reason why this bill should not become a law is because the government, as well as all of the taxpayers within that government would lose money if investments are being made in a Medical Device Registry. As Bill S-202 states, “The Registrar shall establish and maintain, within the Department of Health, a registry, to be called the Medical Devices Registry” (Senate Bill, Section 4.1), meaning money will have to be put forward to hire and pay for the registrar. Also, money will be directly spent on the equipment that is necessary to establish and maintain the electronic filing which the bill says is the method that would be used to operate the registry, “issued in electronic form” (Senate Bill, Section 10.1). In addition, if there were to be an error within the registry system, where an individual who should be in the registry is not contacted with an issue revolving their medical device, the government could then be sued for this act. The direct finances and any potential lawsuits would then have to be charged to citizens through taxes which is not beneficial to the citizens or the government. In addition, there are

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