Medical Billing Review

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Medical Billing Review Channon Maples HCR/220 2/9/2012 Regina Kraus Medical Billing Review HIPAA rules are followed throughout the entire medical billing process. The rules for the HIPAA makes sure the patient’s medical information is not distributed to people that would use it to cause harm to others and the patient. The ICD-9-CM is used to correctly code the disease or injury of the patient which is used in the 4th medical billing step. It is also important to correctly bill the patient for the correct disease. If the correct disease is not on the patient’s chart then the patient may be tested and diagnosed with the wrong disease. The CPT codes are used to correctly bill the patient for the right procedure. It needs to be correct for the patient so the patient is not billed for the wrong procedure. If the code is missing printed then the patient can be charged for the wrong procedure. That would cause a billing problem for the provider and the patient. The HCPCS codes also are important to the patient’s folder because the HCPCS Level II codes are used to bill patient’s for supplies, products, and services that may be needed for the patient. Walkers and wheelchairs are repeated for patient use in the HCPCS Level II codes. HIPAA, CPT, HCPCS, and are all part of the medical billing process no matter if it is step four or throughout the entire billing process. I know they each have their own set of rules and they need to be followed as such. Remember to check if the codes are correct for the specific code

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