Medical Billing Essay

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Jaclyn Wallace Byron Corbin Medical Billing August 27, 2011 Medical coding is the act of transcribing or translating regular language into medical documentation reports. Diagnoses and procedures are, for instance, assigned a medical code number (Xu et al., 2007). The medical codes are supposed to be universal but because there is human interpretation involved, it is extremely difficult to assure complete accuracy. There are many constructs in the medical coding environment. One has already been cited, human interpretation of regular or ordinary language. The issue is more involved when we consider the health care provider’s diagnoses. Again is open to errors and inaccuracies in coding. The accuracy of medical coding is critical for a number or reasons one of which is insurance reimbursement. Another is that it is these very codes that are interpreted in terms of risk of insuring each person. So as these authors point out, medical coding” drives the cash flow by which health care providers operate. Medical is use to identify and classify medical errors (Pace et al., 2005). In fact, there are no taxonomies to classify errors but they are not standardized. These authors suggest developing a unified taxonomy so that errors are all coded the same way (Pace et al., 2005). In either of the cases briefly discussed, advances technology could be used to standardize medical coding in all its different settings. Even so the constructs of medication errors, human interpretation, communication between offices and professionals, and judgment errors would still exist. The best that can be done errors related to these constructs and fix them. Cost shifting has to do with shifting the cost of treatment from one group to another. A study was conducted in California to determine the data regarding cost-shifting in that state (Iriye, 2002).

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