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Personal Characteristics of a Medical Assistant Miami-Jacobs Career College Medical Orientation MA100 Mrs. Searles September 13, 2011 Personal Characteristics of a Medical Assistant An office medical assistant, or administrative assistant, works in the office of a medical building and performs tasks such as clerical work, scheduling and handling patients. Along with the proper training, medical assistants perform well when they have the personal characteristics that suit their job. People skills, multitasking ability and a talent for handling stress can help medical office assistants excel in their work and avoid job burnout. People skills are very much needed in the Medical office. Medical assistants must interact with people on a daily basis. Often their responsibilities include answering phones, scheduling appointments, greeting patients and relaying information from doctors to patients. They must also be able to deal with angry or stressed people, such as the chronically sick or those who have medical insurance trouble. Dealing with insurance issues or even the doctor's moods is also a useful ability. Since medical office assistants are constantly interacting with an ever-changing roster of patients, outgoing extroverts work best in this position. Introverts or people who aren't comfortable with constant human interaction may not fare as well as a medical assistant, as they may find the position overwhelming or tiring. Multi-tasking is very important since medical assistants are expected to perform many tasks, often simultaneously in a crowded medical building. They must be able to multi-task and remember a substantial amount of information. Medical assistants keep track of patient records, arrange laboratory tests, schedule patient's appointments and fill out insurance forms. Some medical assistants are also expected to prepare patients for

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