Medical Assistants Essay

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Qualifications of medical assistants Medical assistants work in a very busy environment that often requires them to practice much patience. They are involved in working with the patient as well as other medical personnel such as doctors and nurses. The responsibility to keep the busy hospital environment organized is not one that is easy to uphold. Often the medical assistants find that they are responsible for the basic functioning of the doctor’s office as well as the patients well being. If records are misplaced or wrongly filed, the results could be detrimental. states that a medical assistant must be able to work well in a busy environment. Often the medical assistants are called upon to work on several tasks at once. If the said assistant is not organized or patient, then you will find that they get easily flustered and cause more damage in an environment that is already sensitive and where things should be handled with special care. It cannot be denied that becoming an administrative assistant is much easier than being a clinical assistant. This is because the duties that are handed to the administrative assistant are often much simpler and easier to handle than those of the clinical assistant. However, this is not to say that the administrative assistant is not important in the medical environment, in fact the importance f the duties they carry out cannot be ignored. Reading through one realizes that the administrative assistant is responsible for basic record keeping, billing and customer acre. They are responsible for guiding both the patient and the doctors in the busy hospital environment. Often they are called upon to present files with histories of the patient in order to generate a new path of treatment. As such the administrative
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