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1. Define civil and criminal law. Could these case facts give rise to a criminal case, a civil case, or both? Explain your answer. Civil law are laws associated with private relations between members of a community. Criminal laws are the laws associated with the punishment of those who commit crimes. This case falls under both criminal case and civil case. The reason I am saying these case facts fall under both types of cases is because it’s not only the elderly and their families against the aides (civil) but its also the families against the Good Samaritan home, and exposing to the public what type of company they are and what type of aides they hire to take care of the peoples family members that they may place under the care of Good Samaritan Home 2. What intentional torts do you think the nursing aides committed? Please give a definition for each intentional tort that you choose with an explanation of why you chose that tort. The intentional torts made by the aides are assault and battery, defamation of character, and invasion of privacy. These aides committed assault and battery by physically abusing these elderly patients. By verbally abusing and talking down to these patients they are committing the intentional tort of defaming character. The final intentional tort committed by these teens is invasion of privacy. Since the aides are constantly abusing these patients they clearly not around them for any medical reasons. 3. Who is ultimately responsible for the supervision of the nursing aides in this case? Define and identify the doctrine which could be used to find them liable. The case doesn’t say who the superior on duty was so I would have to say the aides themselves are liable for their own actions since they are there to supervise themselves. I would also have to hold the company liable since they did not have their staff properly supervised. The

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