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Mapping My Future: Medical Assistant Dorothy Meyers Kaplan University I come from a family of dedicated, hard working people who have never had anything handed to them. My mother, a hotel manager for 18 years, and my father, a correctional officer for 23 years, have always been my inspiration to work towards a successful career. Out of five siblings I was the only one who graduated high school and decided to go to college. I am determined to achieve success and make them proud, as they have done for me my whole life. This is why I chose to get my Associates Degree in Medical Assisting with Kaplan University online. The Bureau of Labor Statistics, Office of Occupational Statistics and Employment Projections (2014) states the median salary for Medical Assistants in the United States was $29,600 per year, and $14.24 per hour. It also says that in Florida, the median salary falls just short of the national average, being $28,200 per year, and $13.55 per hour. According the article, Medical Assistants: Florida (2014), the employment rate is projected to go up 24% with 1,440 job openings per year between the years 2010 and 2020. According to Education Portal (2003-2014), I have found that there are no special certifications needed to become a medical assistant, especially in an OBGYN office, which is what I’m working towards. “A high school diploma is the base education requirement..” (Education Portal, 2003-2014) to becoming a medical assistant. Therefore, no accreditation is required to perform certain jobs in this field. However, having a Medical Assisting Degree is something an employer likes to see. It is considered a benefit when negotiating salary (Education Portal 2003-2014). Kaplan is an accredited school and would be considered approved if needed, but is not a requirement. A Medical Assistant is considered in between a nurse, and an office

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