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I am currently attending Brown Mackie College to earn my certificate that will allow me to become a medical assistant. By the end of March of next year I will be able to stand up and shout, "I did it!" and begin an actual career in the medical field. It will be my way of giving back to the world. Taking care of others and showing compassion gives me courage and strength. I want to be loyal to my patients as well as my employer. I have always dreamed of following in my mother's footsteps and dedicating my life to caring for others. I plan to work in a doctors office in my local community so my duties would include things such as answering phones, scheduling appointments, taking patients vital signs, and collecting specimens like blood and urine. Most importantly I want to make sure patients feel comfortable and cared for. There are other possible job titles available in my field. One could work in a nursing home or perform outpatient duties. Some may even want to teach others how to be a medical assistant. Or if they choose to work in a doctors office like myself, they have the opportunity to advance to office manager. During my research I came across the mission statement of the American Association of Medical Assistants (AMAA) that states, "The purpose of the AMAA is to provide the medical assistant profession with education, certification, acknowledgement, and advocacy for quality patient healthcare". I believe that statement says it all itself because every single word of that is exactly what I am putting all my effort into being. I hope to maybe work at the Urgent Care in Fenton because I have been there and was satisfied with the care I received and the staff seemed sincere. I would also consider applying at the doctors office my dad goes to, Dr. Mehra because when I take him there I feel they care for him the same way I

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