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Medical Assistant Essay

  • Submitted by: crosee55
  • on November 14, 2011
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Communication Style Case Study
                                                Team C
                                    Calene Roseman

                                    August 16 th 2010

                                    Instructor:   Randall Webb


    From the beginning of time we have used communication I some form or another to survive.   It is one of the key component in which we as a universe come together.   In the health care setting it’s vital in patient care.   Communication is the fiber that runs through the health care system that connects us all to have a better team which servers the patient interest best.   Regardless of religion, culture, race or ethnic background we all use communication in different ways.   Verbal, non verbal aggressive, assertive, non assertive, and passive it all sends a message.   The result or resolution of communication directly depends on the type of communication being used.   In the health care setting it can certainly impact the relationship you have with your patients.

      Today we live in a very diverse world, and people communicate in many different languages.   In healthcare facilities all over the country you see this diversity.   This sometimes can be a barrier to giving effective health care to our patients.   Hospitals today work as a team with many different specialties working together.   How that team communicates can impact patient care. When working on such a team we must be very careful of the type of communication we used, as not to offend our peers, or patients.   With many educational degrees, and specialties on teams responsibilities, are sometimes not delegated equally.   This can lead to conflict among the team, which starts a breeding ground for jealousy, and gossiping.  

      We’re now living in the age of technology, which have impacted our lives, and

Changed the way we live.   No longer can we...

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