Medicaid vs. Medicare

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Medicaid and Medicare are both federal government health programs that aid and assist in providing health coverage for Americans and was established in 1965 under the administration of President Lyndon B. Johnson as a part of the Great Society which was a social reform to end poverty and racial discrimination. The two programs have often been confused with one being the other or being the same. While having some similarities, such as being established the same year and are taxpayer funded, they are very different in how they provide for individual, and what individuals they provide for. The qualification varies depending on the state. Medicare is a Federal Government program designed to cover people age 65 or older, people with certain disabilities and serious kidney failure. Within this program, there are four sub divisions also called “parts”. • Part A - cover hospital insurance such as hospital stays, nursing facilities, supplies, etc. • Part B – cover Supplementary Medical Insurance such as physician and nursing services, home – health services, outpatient visits. This part carries a deductible and a monthly premium. Part B is also voluntary enrollment. • Part C – also known as Medicare Advantage Plans work with HMO and PPO to provide a custom plan for patients to receive accurate care with specific needs. • Part D – requires a premium and a deductible. This part works with private insurance companies. This part covers the prescription – drug plan; Medicare covers up to 75 % of drug cost if they exceed a certain amount. Medicaid is a Federal and State funded program each state may have different qualification standards for who is eligible ; this program covers the poor and penniless , pregnant women on public assistance , low income seniors and young adults that are SSI recipients who are blind and or disabled. This plan also cover beneficiaries who

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