Medicaid Essay

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Statement of Problem Medicare and Medicaid are two of the United States largest broken systems, which must sustain themselves in order to provide care to their beneficiaries. Both Medicare and Medicaid are funding by a joint effort between the federal government and the local state government. If and when these governments choose to cut funding or reduce spending, Medicare and Medicaid take the biggest hit. Most people see these two benefits as one in the same, two benefits the government takes out of their pay check to help fund health care. While the government does deduct a sum from paychecks everywhere, Medicare and Medicaid are very two very different programs. Medicare was designed for beneficiaries sixty five years and older and enrollees who are permanently disabled and are unable to work. Medicare benefits are applied for at the Social Security office, where proof of eligibility is required. Medicaid however is health care benefits for those who are low income and do not have insurance through their job (, 2008). Medicaid supports children who are under the age of nineteen, people over the age of sixty five, enrollees who are disabled and those that need permanent nursing home care. Potential beneficiaries can find an application for Medicaid at their State’s Medicaid agency (, 2008). These requirements overlap between the two and some beneficiaries do qualify for both benefits. This means that Medicaid is sometimes used to help pay for Medicare premiums and those who do quality for both programs are considered to be “dual eligible” and will usually enroll in both programs in order to cut personal costs. Medicare and Medicaid both have their financial woes, each have their burdens, and each have their benefits. Federal and local governments have a responsibility to provide funding in order to support these programs, if

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